Let’s get straight to it: no one bothers to read copy anymore. If you want to create compelling copy that converts, you need to deliver your message in a clear, succinct and engaging way. After all, we cannot underestimate the power of copy and messaging in acquiring sales, customers and business! So how do you maximise the power of what you’re putting out there into the world?

  1. Know your audience

The more you know about your readers, the more you can identify what type of content, what topics, what platforms and what type of writing will appeal to them most, to help you get the best results.

For example, if you’re targeting young girls suffering with eating disorders, email marketing involving long-winded, research-based copy is not going to appeal. Instead, you’re better off writing short, Instagram posts sharing engaging, digestible copy, covering areas of interest to this group. This will achieve far better results, and save you time and money in the process!

The more you know your audience, the more information you have to help you tailor every element of your copy to maximise its potential! Knowledge is POWER!

  1. Choose your channel

Like we touched on, choosing the channel through which you deliver your copy is vital! You need to deliver your messaging in the places your audience spends the most time, and is most influenced by marketing messages.

If you’re putting your copy out on Instagram, but your intended audience are older people who have virtually no Instagram presence, you’re wasting your time. Again this relates to getting to know your audience, but by choosing the right channel, and writing copy adhering to the platform’s style and standards, you’re engaging with the right people, and your messaging is more effective.


  • Do your audience engage with mobile, print, desktop, radio etc?
  • Do they open and engage with eDMs (emails)?
  • How do the channels they spend time in influence the way you speak to people and write your messaging?
  1. Use emotion.

Play to your reader’s emotions! Using your deep understanding of your audience, play on what makes them happy, sad, angry, passionate. Facts aren’t what drives purchasing behaviour, emotions are. Keep this in mind when you’re writing your copy!

The more provoking and sentimental a message is, the more compelling and convincing!

  1. Headlines are everything.

Headlines are ESSENTIAL for grabbing the attention of your target audience, and actually convincing them to read what you have to say! Your headline should be short, sharp and straight to the point. This will make the world of difference in whether or not people decide to actually stay

Some strategies for creating a successful headline include:

  • Use SEO terms
  • Evoke curiosity – create an air of mystery
  • Make it clear you’re GIVING your reader something, even if it’s information, a discount etc.
  • Stand out from the crowd – use humour, or a unique tone, to differentiate your copy from the rest
  1. Be concise.

Get STRAIGHT to the point in your copy! Keep it short and sharp, and never use two words where you could use one! No one wants to read redundant, long, boring copy! Make it clear to the reader immediately why the content is relevant to them, and get your message across as quickly as possible! THIS is the copy that converts!

  1. Leave them with a clear call to action!

You’ve done the hard yards and delivered a short, punchy, convincing message to your audience. Now what?

Give them a reason to act IMMEDIATELY! End your copy with a call to action asking them to act now, so they have no time to think twice! Keep it short, think something like “Book a consult now!” or “Get on track TODAY!” – the more urgency, the better!

  1. And now we wait for the conversions to soar…

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