Video can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool – but ONLY if you use it well! There’s nothing worse than shaky, poor quality, amateur video footage. This can send a message to your audience that you’re unprofessional, or don’t know what you’re doing.

However, when video is done right, it can be an incredible way to establish connection, trust and loyalty with your viewers, and generate sales or leads. So it’s definitely worth investing time, money and effort to use video to its greatest potential. 

Here’s how to use video to your advantage.

  1. Get smart with your equipment.

Filming equipment is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to producing good quality video. Investing in critical pieces can elevate your audio and video quality, making the final video much more engaging, clear and effective.

Some of the best pieces to invest in include:

  • Ice snowball microphone or lapel microphone
  • Luvo ring light
  • DSLR camera (and a variety of lenses depending on what you’re shooting)
  • Camera stand or tripod

You don’t need to buy the top of the line items, but you do need to spend a little bit of money to ensure your outputs are as good as they can be. Buying poor quality equipment is essentially a waste of money, you’re only doing yourself a disservice and potentially harming your brand with the footage you’ll produce.

  1. Lighting is key!

A well-lit video is so much more engaging and appealing, and conveys a sense of professionalism. Even better – you don’t need to go out and buy fancy lighting equipment and props! 

Sources of natural light are the best option when it comes to lighting for video. Stand near a window or in a source of natural light whenever possible, and allow this to light the image. 

If you are filming at night or in a dark location, definitely invest the time in ensuring you’ve lit the space as well as possible, and ensure you’re testing the filming visuals before recording the whole video – after all, if you get to the end and realise your lighting has made your face appear like a white blur throughout your video, or even hasn’t properly lit up your setting, you’ll have to do all that work over again!

  1. Take care with staging.

Staging can take a video from 1 to 100! Carefully selected and arranged props can reinforce your message, or communicate subtle messages to your audience – in addition to adding visual appeal to your shot!

Staging can add context to your video and topic too, which is vital in using video to your advantage.

Think about it… if a doctor was discussing the anatomy of the human body while situated in a pub with a beer in hand, would you be likely to trust their information and knowledge? Probably not!

Same goes for a dietitian talking about optimising gut health, with a packet of chips and a soft drink sitting in the background!

Think about the message you want to send to your audience, and use staging, props and location to help you communicate. It’s often the subtle things that make the biggest difference in how people respond to your video content!

  1. Editing is key!

Make sure you spend some time editing your video before sharing it with your audience. Cut out the unnecessary or repetitive sections, and any redundant sections – after all, you can only hold people’s attention for a short time, so you really want to optimise what you’re sharing within that short time frame!

Also edit the visual elements – lighting, saturation, colour etc – as needed, to make the video appear as professional and visually appealing as possible!

Using a good quality editing software is a fantastic idea – try Vimeo, Adobe or even iMovie to make your videos flawless and seamless!

  1. Capitalise on social connection.

One major advantage video has over photography is your ability to create a connection and relationship with your audience. If you want to use video to your advantage, MAKE THE MOST OF THIS!!!

Creating a social connection is critical for engaging video. Talk directly to your audience, in the language and tone that most appeals and resonates with them. Don’t get caught up in trying to sound professional, adopting a conversational and relatable tone and style does wonders for making your viewers feel connected to you. This, in turn, builds a sense of trust and loyalty, so it’s very important!

These simple tips will really move the dial when it comes to making video work for you! Get ready to see the results you’re looking for, and engage your audience more than ever before!

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