The subject line of an email is your only chance to get the attention of your audience. No pressure! But realistically, it’s the one thing that determines whether your subscribers will read your emails, or send them straight to the trash. So it really has to be effective and captivating.

So how do you achieve this? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our four top tips for writing a killer caption.

  1. Make it personal.

No, this doesn’t mean using code to make your readers’ names pop up in your subject line. Been there, done that. Personalising your subject line means using specific language, style and content to appeal to your audience.

This requires a deep understanding of what your audience wants and likes, and how they enjoy being spoken to.

Even incorporating phrases like “just for you”, “you’ll love”, and “will help you” clearly shows your audience that your content is targeted specifically towards them, and outlines the value it can add to their lives. This is so powerful, and makes them far more likely to click on your emails!

So take the time to get to know your reader, and write your subject lines (and all your content!) in a way that appeals directly to them and their styles/tastes.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

Time is money…. And according to research, this means you have approximately 7 seconds to get the attention of your audience, before they’ve moved onto the next thing. So make those 7 seconds count!

Minimalist subject lines have been shown to have much better open rates than long-winded, descriptive lines. Throw everything you know about creativity and correct grammar out the window – succinct, short-form subject lines are the new vogue!

Even single-word subject lines have been shown to be quite popular, using words like “Quick” or “Panic” or “Wow” to create mystery…

The shorter, the sweeter!

  1. Make the value of your content clear.

Call out why people should WANT to open your email in your subject line. If you’re giving them a free recipe, let them know! Or if you’re giving health advice or information, make it explicitly clear!

People LOVE free stuff – even if it’s a free blog or content that will help them in some way. In the health industry, people are often super eager to improve their health in any way possible, so making it clear that your email contains information that can help them do so is critical!

You should almost make them feel as though they’re missing out if they don’t open your email – after all, this feeling of missing out is key for driving opens!

  1. Get funny.

Wit and humour can be so effective when used well in subject lines. A funny title stands out from all the other dull, boring, repetitive emails around it.

To really get the humorous tone right, you have to know and understand your audience really well. Use language or abbreviations they’ll understand and find amusing, and ensure your jokes will resonate, make sense, and not be considered offensive by your readers.

If you get it right, a funny subject line can earn you serious opens and brownie points amongst your readers, and encourage them to open your emails for weeks to come!

And don’t be afraid to be quirky! It might be the thing that sets you apart from the rest!

While there’s a lot of pressure to get your subject line right in a world where people routinely receive hundreds of promotional or salesy emails each day, following these simple steps can help you stand out from the pack! Creating a connection and relationship with your audience, making your value proposition blatantly clear, and adding a touch of humour and quirkiness to your subject lines could be the things that make a world of difference!

Prepare for an engaged audience who simply can’t wait to open your emails every time they arrive in their inboxes!

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