If your anything like me, we usually take our pen and paper on our super long car trips over the Christmas/New Year period and jot down our master plan for the year and by the end of the year, that piece of paper hasn’t been seen for months and what we wrote down is now a distant memory and so the cycle begins again.

This year has been just as crazy as any other year. I think the twins are both at a very difficult stage in that they are both running in different directions at the same time and learning how to verbalise their needs, which when Indiana is involved usually means a lot of yelling and screaming and grabbing your hand to take you somewhere. We have had a really busy year so far with TAD and it is still growing.  So in saying that, I can’t think of a more important time than now to actually reflect on what we have done this year and what our plans are for the rest of the year and urge you to do the same. There really is no wrong time to reflect, refresh, refocus and re-energise for a strong end to the year.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened this year and make some decisions about what’s to come, where you want to direct your energy. 

Seeing as in Australia, 30th June is the end of the financial year for us, lets talk money first. If we are really honest with ourselves, no matter what we do, we do it as a form of income, to provide for something or allow you to do something. It might be kids sports class, your mani/pedi’s, the annual family vacay or just keeping a roof over your head covering the mortgage and putting food on the table for your family so what is your situation as the financial year comes to an end? For those using a tax agent for your tax return, you have until October to lodge. Did you make as much money as you wanted too? If yes, how did you do it? Are you happy to settle with that again? Do you want more? If no, what happened? What are your expenses, are there any you can shave off? What income producing streams do you have, how many do you have and which ones are working for you? What’s so good about them?


1. What am I most proud of? What feels good about the year so far?

2. Is there an element in my life or business that feels out of sync?

3. Am I in alignment with my aim, mission and values? What can I do to represent them more fully?

4. What do I want to achieve in business? Now highlight the top 3 things you want to prioritise for the remainder of this year. What will you need to do to make that happen?

5. What do you not want to do anymore?

“Time spent in self reflection is never wasted- it is an intimate date with yourself” Paul TP Wong

“Do not let what you cannot do stop you from what you can do”

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