The New Year has been upon us for a few weeks now and hopefully most of you have returned to work unless you are one lucky duck who isn’t going back til the end of the month. As we approach each year with a sense of freshness, it’s also good to focus on what we can do better to help us streamline our processes to allow us to achieve more with less resources, particularly if you are anything like me and time is your most valuable resource.

I urge you, no matter what time of the year it is, to try some of these productivity hacks to free up some time in order to create space. When you create space, that’s when the magic happens.

1. STAY FOCUSED I like to have a moodboard in the office so every morning I can see exactly what it is I am doing this for. It acts as a great reminder for why I’m staying up late and filling my weekends with client meetings. Sometimes I need all the motivation I can get.

2. CONTROL YOUR CALENDAR It’s no secret that I am a planner and I like to do things very methodically. Try blocking out sections of your day for assigned tasks and then sticking to them (with no distractions) which leads me to the next point…

3. TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR SMART PHONE It is honestly such an instant reaction to lean over and grab the phone the instant it beeps, bongs and pings. I have found putting it in another room helps, as well as turning it on silent so I can remain on task which is particularly important when there is a due date pressing

4. PLAN FOR EMAILS Going back to tip 2 and controlling your calendar, I find if I have emails on my phone, I read them once they come through so I know in my head what I have to answer during the day or if it can wait until later that night. The time I set aside to emails is 8pm and I try to not reply to too many prior to that which allows me to get through the client related work I need too during the day if I have a chance to do so.

5. GET INTO A GROOVE Remember that feeling when you get on a roll and manage to storm through that to do list. It’s often because your brain is already engaged and in the right space so by completing similar tasks at that time, you are utilising what is already working.

6. DELEGATE I’ve worked with dietitians in private practice for the last 2.5 years and I know there are only so many hours in the day and that we can’t do it all, no matter how hard we try. There does come a time where we have to work to our strengths and outsource what we don’t enjoy or what we are not good at.

7. AUTOMATE AUTOMATE AUTOMATE If you think about all the things you do in a day, how many of them can be automated/scheduled to help you minimise that to do list of yours? Once you have identified them, your tasks is to set up the automation.

8. UNSUBSCRIBE I find this particularly freeing when I unsubscribe from all of the email lists I am part of. There is no value in deleting before I even read 20 emails every day when I can be putting that time to use doing something more useful.

9. SAY NO Unfortunately with no many things on my plate, saying no is something that I’ve had to do more than I would have liked too but my time is precious, I have 4 kids and a husband and I work 60 hours a week so for me to stay rested, be a good mum and wife and homemaker, I sometimes need to say no.

10. THE LAST THING YOU DO BEFORE BED- I hear more and more about the importance of a morning routine but I find the best thing for me is to before I go to bed, write down my to do list for the day so that when I get a chance to squeeze in a bit of work, I know exactly what it is I can get through and start ticking off the list. It also means when I start my working day (at 8pm), I can get straight into emails then my to do list.

So whilst it may not be a glamorous list, they are all strategies I implement during my working week to try and fit as much work into the least amount of hours possible so I can get back to enjoying time with these treasures. (insert picture of family).

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