What is imposter syndrome?

When people are just getting started and are in the early days, they feel like a bit of  fraud and some of the thoughts they may have might be around “who am I to be charging for my services?” “why should people pay me?” The doubt crawls into their mind. The most well respected professionals you look up to and respect have all been in the place you are in now. They all started somewhere.

As dietitians, we get paid to solve peoples problems so are you confident in being able to do that? IS there a time frame on it? How does your service solve their problems? All you need to do is be able to solve that problem for them in a more efficient way than if it was them tackling it by themselves.

You will get your first few clients, you’ll get them results and you will learn a lot about how you did it and you will refine and improve the way you do it and the results you achieve and then you will start to wrack up wins on the board and your confidence will improve and you will be able to use that to build more confidence to become the expert in your field but the only way to do that is to start somewhere. Initial doubts are all very normal.

It comes down to practicing and doing the action- that is the only way you can start, refine, improve and build that self confidence to becoming an expert and along the way, your fee structure will change.

It is going to change anytime soon.


So how can we as dietitians, ensure we are paid every cent that we are worth?

Accept: have you challenged yourself to think about what role you have actually played in your own success?

Stop Comparing Yourself: When you compare yourself to others, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your life is subpar to others. Is that really true? You are here to live your life and it’s your life- you can do exactly what you want to do. You are you and this is your journey called life.

Being Wrong Doesn’t Make You A Fake: Losing and making mistakes happen all the time- your favourite sporting team doesn’t always win, the government makes the wrong call sometimes, it happens. It’s very normal so try to not let failures turn you into something you are not. You are worthy.

You And The World Are Not Constant: Take this last few weeks for an example. The world and us are constantly changing and nothing is every for sure. We get new information and as we do, our opinions change, the way we do things change and each time change is created, you create a better person of yourself.That is called growth.

Having these consistent thoughts of I’m not good enough, I don’t know what I am doing, I don’t belong here can stir up a concoction of emotions such as fear, guilt and shame which can drag you down, burn you out and torment you with anxiety and depression. Often if you are feeling it, many other people are too and I believe speaking about it is one way to reassure you that you are on the right track. Speaking to others about how you are feeling in terms of your business can help to just get those thoughts out of your head. I know from experience, trying to ignore them only makes things worse. So stop running and embrace.

Here’s a little tip for you which I want you to try for me….

Open up a folder on your computer called “WINS” and each time you chalk up a win on the board with clients. I want you to pop a story about it in the wins folder and then you can come back to it every week and reflect on the difference you are making in peoples lives.


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