Are you someone who likes to dip their finger in several different honey jars?

Many of us in the industry have a few niches which we work in – after all, this expands earning potential, audience, possible clients, and offers slightly more security. However, this can come at the risk of diluting your work or focus on one area, limiting your influence in a certain niche, and making your messaging appear inconsistent. 

To minimise these risks, and maximise your potential success from working across multiple niches, we’ve identified a few useful strategies to keep you focused, and ensure you’re killing the game across all your chosen areas of expertise!

1. Separate them on social media.

Keeping your niches separate on social media is crucial for establishing yourself as the expert in all your chosen fields, and for ensuring your content is reaching the right people.

Consider creating separate social media accounts for your multiple niches – for example if you work across both fertility nutrition and sports nutrition, establish a different Instagram account for both fields, and target all your content around the focus area of each niche. This means you’re not putting out irrelevant content for your followers (who wants to read about sports nutrition if they’re trying to conceive?!) and risking losing your audience, and you can maintain your reputation and perception of expertise across your multiple niches.

2. Create different branding.

Think of different niches as being entirely separate businesses, which require different branding and marketing strategies.

Take the time to get to know your target audience for each niche, and understand the kind of content they want to see from you, and the messaging and platforms they resonate with. Different niches will have entirely different audiences, and your content needs to reflect this.

By establishing totally different branding for each of your niches, you’re really distinguishing each focus area as its own business, and communicating to your audience what they can expect from you. It also helps you differentiate in your own mind the type of marketing and branding you’re using for your different niches, which is powerful when it comes to deciding how to communicate with your specific audience for each area.

3. Keep your audiences completely separate 

Each niche should have a completely unique, separate audience to which you tailor all your content and messages.

For example, if you work in eating disorders, create a completely separate Instagram account focusing entirely on healing your relationship with food and your body, and sharing really nourishing, nurturing content including some psychology and nutrition tips. Then, say your second niche is sports nutrition, the social media for this specialty should cater towards your target audience of athletes and sports professionals, with messaging focusing on, for example, food as fuel, performance supplementation, and building/maintaining muscle.

By taking the time to really map out your target audience for each of your niches as a completely unique demographic, this ensures your messaging is completely appropriate for your followers. After all, if they began following you for sports nutrition information, they may be quite disgruntled if you suddenly start taking up their feed with eating disorder infographics which seem totally irrelevant to them – not to mention, you’re diluting your own brand and potential power amongst your audience!

Keep separate email and subscriber lists, social media accounts, websites and even blogs, so your content can be as targeted towards specific audiences as possible. Targeting is power!

4. Use different platforms to schedule social media

Set up completely different platforms for the social media accounts for each of your chosen niches. For example, use Planoly to schedule your Instagram posts for one account, and Later for another. This helps prevent crossover between your niches, and allows you to see and plan your output and aesthetic for each of your chosen focus areas. This helps you maximise what you’re putting out into the world, and in your mind helps you distinguish different niches as though they’re entirely separate businesses!

This can really come in handy when it’s time to be strategic, as each niche will have its own unique business goals, strategy and focusses, so starting this process of differentiation right from your social media scheduling does wonders for this separation!

Working across multiple niches can be tricky, but it can absolutely be rewarding and lucrative if done right! Take the time to establish individual goals, aims and strategies for each niche, and distinguish each focus area as having its own unique audience, tailoring your content and work accordingly!

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