Live launching refers to the 30 day period prior to launching a product or service. This is a huge window of opportunity – but only if used well! This period could make or break your latest offering, so it’s important to be strategic and planned, and execute the following six steps effectively to ensure the success of your launch!

  1. Build an audience before selling to them

It’s important to build a strong audience and foster loyalty, trust and recognition before you try and sell them any products or services. Brand trust and loyalty is a key driver of sales, and is so much easier to establish when you aren’t pushing a product or service, since your content seems more authentic and generous.

Once you’ve built up this connection and rapport, then you can think about launching your product or service to your audience. Their trust in you will make them far more likely to purchase and support you. They’ll already feel that support and relationship with you in return.

  1. Create something you have already validated with that audience

If you’ve built a following on social media based on nutrition advice and evidence, and then you go and sell a fashion line to the audience you’ve created, chances are it’s going to be a flop.

You have to focus your live launch on a product or service for which you’ve already established your own authority, expertise and value. This means your audience already see the value in purchasing your product or service by the time it launches, giving them less opportunity to think twice about buying, and all the inclination to get on board!

By capitalising on the strengths and expertise you’ve already validated with your audience, you’re giving your launch the best chance of succeeding!

  1. Show up every day

Consistency is a highly undervalued selling point – one most people fail to acknowledge the importance of!

Whether this involves posting on socials daily to remind your audience or community that you’re here for them, and you’re constantly putting the effort in to deliver the best you can for them, or whether it simply means showing up to meetings and appointments even on the days you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, showing up every day is vital when you’re live launching.

It gives your audience more trust in your consistency and commitment. This is vital when it comes to having a successful launch!

  1. Expect it to be intense

Live launches are intense, there’s no denying it. The anticipation of not knowing how your audience will respond, the work required to ensure the launch is a success, and the concentrated marketing efforts to give yourself every chance of the launch going well… It all adds up to an extremely high-pressure, intense period of time.

Then, there’s the unpredictable scenarios. Unknown problems may arise, demand may be greater than you expected, questions may flood in. Live launches take significant work, energy and effort. Just remember that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it!

Plan as much as you can, and then ride the wave. Just remember, it’s not forever, so hang in there and give it all you’ve got!

  1. Test your systems before you go live

Think about it… Have you ever waited eagerly for the launch of something, only to hit the website as it goes live and find the server is overwhelmed, or experiencing technical difficulties? It happens a lot with things like tickets to concerts, or big fashion launches. And if you haven’t experienced it, trust us, it’s VERY frustrating!

It leaves you feeling frustrated, and often extinguishes your desire to purchase pretty much straight away. This is obviously not ideal for you to experience when live launching!

So don’t leave yourself vulnerable – test, test, test! Test all the systems involved in selling or marketing your new launch, and test them again! Make sure they have enough capacity to support more demand than perhaps you expect, just in case! The more foolproof your systems are, the less barriers you create for people to purchase your new product or service!

After all, you want it to be a breeze, so they’ve purchased without a second thought!

  1. Collaborate to get in front of more people

Collaborations can come in so many forms – social media posting or takeovers, events, co-hosting classes, the list goes on! The main thing these all have in common? You get to expand your audience and your reach, and potentially elevate your reputation too!

Be strategic with your collaborations. Only work alongside people or brands who enhance your image, reputation and potential customer base. Otherwise, you have a whole lot more to lose than you do to gain. You also want to collaborate with someone who can offer you a significant audience, or an audience you’re not currently tapping into. After all, what’s the point of simply reaching the people you’re already engaging?

When you find the right fit, work out a collaboration that will mutually enhance the perceptions of your offerings. This can allow greater exposure by reaching a whole new group of people, and elevating the trust and reputation of your own personal brand. Then, when it comes time to live launch, you’ve got so many more potential customers. You can release your new product and service with a bang!

Live launching is so important for ensuring the success of a product or service. It’s definitely worth spending a bit more time implementing these tips and tricks to help you along the way. Be prepared to put in the work, and reap the rewards!

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