We all know how important it is to the success of any business to have a large, engaged audience. It allows you to spread your message loud and far, attract new clients, market your personal brand or services, and foster loyalty and relationships with a significant number of people, crossing barriers of time and space.

So it’s worth spending some serious time and effort on growing your audience to reach as many people within your target market as possible, to maximise your potential impact in each of these areas.

Here are our top tips on growing your audience in the age of social media and technological revolution.

  1. Spend time in the places they do.

In a time of greater interconnectedness than ever before, it’s easier than ever to reach people around the world – if you know where to look. Take the time to really nut out who it is you’re trying to reach, and where your target audience spend their time.

Are you targeting young millennials who love staying up-to-date with the latest platforms and trends? Maybe you’ll reach them best using Tik Tok or Instagram.

Or are you aiming for older people who are reluctant to embrace evolving technologies? In which case you’d be better off writing for platforms like Facebook, or contributing to news platforms and media websites.

It’s important to have a really clear idea of who you want to reach with your online activity – whether you’re aiming for marketing and sales messaging, information sharing or building awareness. You can use this information to really refine your strategy, so you’re building your audience more efficiently and effectively, and are more likely to get a greater reward for your efforts!

And don’t be afraid to use multiple channels to grow your audience – why stop at one when you can use a few?! While we don’t recommend posting across every channel you can get your hands on, pick one or two where your messages will really hit home for your audience, and use them well!

  1. Expand your niche or focus areas.

In the industry, once you develop your niche it can be all too easy to pigeon-hole yourself and narrow your focus again and again, until you’re left with a tiny area of expertise and only a small pool of potential clients.

This doesn’t have to be the case! Consider expanding your niche or focus areas to reach more people. Before you panic, this doesn’t necessarily mean diving into an entirely new area of dietetics. You don’t have to go from specialising in eating disorders, to suddenly focusing on oncology dietetics at the same time.

Instead, make a wise choice. If you specialise in IBS, consider what other areas of gut health you could expand into. It could be as small as adding in leaky gut to your areas of focus, allowing you access to another group of people you weren’t previously engaging. Or maybe you decide to cover all gut health-related conditions. The choice is yours! Just make sure you’re not over-committing, but you’re also giving yourself the best chance of growing your audience.

And continue sharing your expertise in your existing niche areas! You might be focusing on growing your audience, but you definitely want to maintain your existing audience too!

  1. Share high-quality content.

Set yourself apart from the crowd and only post value-adding, high-quality content.

In a world where there’s so much “noise” thanks to people posting mundane, repetitive, irrelevant content constantly, instead of contributing to this “noise”, start a conversation!

If you’re delivering consistent, top notch quality to your audience, they’ll build trust and interest in your personal brand, and are more likely to suggest friends and family members follow you and your work. Aim to add value and information to the lives of your audience with every bit of messaging you send out into the world, and refrain from posting for the sake of posting if possible.

Think of the time you spend on creating quality content as an investment into your business – you’re gaining clients who are more likely to be converted into leads as a result, not to mention the priceless value of brand loyalty, recognition and respect you’re earning!

And be consistent. Plan out your content at the start of each week, so you know you’ll be delivering amazing content every day or so. Consistency of posting is almost as important as consistency of quality. Be organised, and you can hit the nail on the head with both by planning your messaging in advance.

  1. Collaborate.

Never underestimate the value of a good collaboration! Connect with other health professionals in the industry, particularly those with a significant audience of their own, and produce content which appeals to both of your audiences.

Learn to see “competitors” and opportunities, instead of people you need to “beat”, and engage them with creative ideas as to how you can work together.

Whether you go live on Instagram stories together for a Q&A, develop a marketing campaign selling your services in conjunction with each other, or create a content series of information relevant to both audiences, collaborating allows you to engage another brand or individual’s audience, in addition to your own.

It’s invaluable – if done right! Be sure to collaborate with those who have earned the respect of their audience, and have a reputation for sharing reliable, quality content – after all, this is what you’re aiming for too!

Want more tips on growing your reach and enhancing your chances of success? Check out our new Flourish program launching on 12th April!

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