Do you often feel overworked due to your business? Struggling to budget your marketing costs? If so, collaborating might be the answer you are looking for to lighten the load!

When creating your marketing strategy, why don’t you try collaborating? Whether you are creating newsletters, web content, podcasts or books, collaborating with other industry members is important and a good idea to reach a wider audience. Here are four reasons why you should collaborate.


When collaborating with others, you are dividing the workload and sometimes the expenses. For example, instead of hiring a videographer, you can partner with an influencer who knows how to do videography. This allows you to save money and also invest money back into providing quality content.


Being successful in business means you will need to make connections and form relationships. Collaborations benefit both parties as they can both target a new market and also provides new content to their followers.


We all have different gifts. Whether it is on videography, creating content, providing graphics, utilising your strength in a collaborative process will just enhance your content. This will allow you to expand your thinking and be more creative. The results are that you will just exceed your expectations and goals.


Here is an example of a collaborative business opportunity.
A dietitian creates a store and invites exercise physiologists and physiotherapists to provide free health sessions. This benefits exercise physiologists and physiotherapists by promoting their services and allow you have a wider target market.


To maximise your effect from any collaboration, the trick is to align yourself with the most compatible partners. Someone who has the same audience as you but offers a different product/service. Ideally, each brand can introduce their customers to each other and the potential is there to reach a completely new audience and introduce them to a brand they may never have heard of before.


Once you have a list of potential collaborators, you’ll want to do your homework on them because you want to know that their demographics matches your demographics. There is absolutely nothing to lose from putting yourself out there and you never know what things could lead too but you won’t know if you don’t ask. The first thing to do is start having those conversations.
Here are some ideas we have for you on how you could collaborate as a dietitian:

– Seek sponsorship from food product companies ie Chobani, olive oil, protein powders/waters.

– Partner with a local business or health professional for example a diabetes educator/exercise physiologists to provide group education talks on diabetes management.

– Join a podcast. There are so many podcasts around these days so go back to my podcast blog for some suggestions. If you are a dietitian working in a specific area, who are the key podcasters/influencers in your niche?

– Create a networking event.

If you are still deciding to collaborate with other professionals, I would recommend doing it. Collaborations saves money, develops your networks, highlights your strengths and benefits all. If you think I have missed any other examples of collaboration, let me know by commenting below.


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