We look at so many aspects of business as an investment – new software, fancy technology, events and seminars… But do you think of your employees as an investment?

Switching your thinking to view employees as your greatest asset is essential when growing your team. After all, they can make or break your business! So finding the right people is of utmost importance, as is training and retaining the “chosen ones”.

Let’s dive into some strategic ways to grow your team and maximise these assets!

1. Hire people who are different from yourself.

Ever heard the saying “Always hire people who are smarter than you”? Think about it, if you always employ people with slightly less skills and knowledge than yourself, how is your business ever going to grow?

Always look for team members who are more skilled, experienced or knowledgable about certain areas that can contribute to the growth or expansion of your business.

We are naturally inclined to hire people with similar strengths and interests to ourselves. However this may not be the best strategy. Instead, identify which skills your current team lacks, and could benefit or grow from if they were added into the mix. For example, if your business is fantastic at providing client consults, but struggles to read and digest research papers, look for someone capable of filling this gap! Keep an eye out for people who possess new skill sets, instead of going for the ones you get along well with in the interview process!

Diversity is another important factor to consider. Embracing team members from different ages, genders, abilities and ethnic backgrounds means you can benefit from a wide range of insights and perspectives. This gives you the opportunity to grow and reach new clients and markets. In fact, research has actually proven companies which embrace racial, ethnic and gender diversity perform better!

Remember, each new team member is an opportunity for growth. Give yourself the best chance by hiring a diverse range of people and skill sets!

2. Know what you’re looking for.

Figure out the qualities you’re looking for in new team members before writing job descriptions. This saves both you and your potential applicants time, by making your expectations clear right from the get go! Have a salary expectation set, too, and know whether you’re prepared to compromise on this.

Then, think about where you’re going to advertise the role. There are so many job posting sites these days, so choosing the right ones where your ideal employees will see it is essential! In the health industry, LinkedIn is great for connecting professionals with extensive qualifications and experience, so this could be a good option when growing your team!

3. Find people who share your goals and values.

While you want to embrace differences and diversity, one thing is non negotiable when growing your team. New employees must align with your vision for your company.

When it comes to things like your company’s goals, future direction and day-to-day operations, you must be aligned with your team. If you hire someone with a poor work ethic when the rest of your team is enthusiastic, passionate and driven, this can negatively impact the work culture, and affect the rest of your team’s drive and dedication.

New team members need to understand your business, your goals and your values, and be (almost!) as committed to carrying them out as you are!

Now you’ve hired new team members, but your job isn’t done! Here are three tips to help ensure your new hire is successful:

1. Create a safe, supportive environment for your team.

Studies have found that teams perform best when each member feels comfortable and supported. Investing time and effort into each team member, and understanding their personal circumstances and needs – especially new employees – is the key to creating a positive, healthy work environment, and helping your workers feel passionate, productive and motivated in their work.

Never underestimate the power of culture to retain staff, improve performance, and help your business stand out from the crowd!

2. Make the adjustment a smooth one.

When adding to your team, it’s important to make new employees feel comfortable with the rest of the team. Set rules and clearly define roles and expectations, to minimise conflict between employees. Also, make sure you create a space where people can express their differing opinions and feel valued and heard. This encourages a collaborative, cooperative environment.

Hosting regular team building activities, as well as brainstorming sessions and team meetings can help create a sense of inclusion, value and positivity towards the business.

3. Encourage growth.

Rewarding good performance and growth is really important when growing a team, as it reinforces the behaviours you’re looking for.

This can be salary-related in the form of rewards, bonuses or pay increases; or it can be a promotion or recognition amongst the team. Rewarding and encouraging positive behaviour and outcomes not only clearly identifies what you’re looking for from your new team members, but it also encourages and motivates them to join in and demonstrate these behaviours themselves!

Remember, your team is your greatest asset, so invest in them accordingly! It’s a whole lot easier to retain and grow a boss team, and nurture each person you add, than it is to start from scratch and communicate your vision and passion to the wrong people!

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