So often, the word ‘dietitian’ is synonymous with ‘hospital worker’. For many of us in the industry, working in a clinical setting can seem like the next logical progression in our careers once we’ve finished our degree and earned our qualifications. 

However the truth is, there are SO many other opportunities out there if working in a hospital is not for you! As the nutrition and health space continues to grow and gain traction and interest, the opportunities and possibilities continue to expand too! So we’ve rounded up just a few, to get those brains ticking and help you figure out exactly where you see yourself working in the future. Because working in a hospital just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

  1. Writing

Health writing is such a huge area of possibility in the industry, and can come in so many different forms. You might like to write articles for mainstream or health publications, or just offer qualified commentary on areas they’re exploring in existing articles. You might dream of writing a book focussed on a particular niche in the industry, or your own experiences in the health world. You could write content for brands you love and identify with, in the form of marketing pieces or educational content. You could write blog posts, website content, social media copy – you name is! There are endless opportunities within writing, and people often say that writing and communications makes up the majority of your work as a dietitian – maybe for you, it could make up all your work!

  1. Blogger

The word ‘blogger’ changes all the time these days. It can refer to someone who writes blog posts targeted at a niche area or a carefully chosen audience, someone who creates YouTube “vlogs”, or even someone who curates a social media page sharing their own experiences and documenting their day-to-day life. The main thing these have in common is that they’re highly targeted at a group of people you want to engage, and they largely focus on sharing your own knowledge or life experiences with this group. If you love telling a good story, or want to empower people to live healthier and happier lives by sharing your own experiences and struggles, maybe blogging is the career you’ve been waiting for!

  1. Recipe development

Forget Australia’s next Masterchef, what sounds better than a dietitian being paid to create a bunch of nutritious, balanced recipes? Whether you’re working for a brand developing recipes catering to a certain program or offering they sell, or creating recipes for your own brand, website or other purpose, recipe development is a super exciting prospect in the nutrition industry. If you love to cook, and can get a little creative, all while keeping in mind the exact target audience you’re hoping to engage, recipe development might just be perfect! Creating simple, wholesome recipes using everyday ingredients in a short time frame is seriously in demand in this crazily busy day and age we live in! Just remember, while recipe development may look super glamorous, it isn’t all sunshine and daisies – like any career! Recipe development requires a LOT of testing, trial and error, differentiating your recipes from the rest, staging, photography, you name it! But it can also be so rewarding and exciting to encourage people to take healthy eating into their own hands!

  1. Develop online courses

The demand for online courses continues to skyrocket – particularly in the wake of Covid – and with it comes the chance to change the game in the online world of education and learning. Developing online courses can generate some great passive income, as well as allowing you to reach a greater number of people in your work, with less time and effort required day-to-day. 

Whether you decide to develop online courses targeted towards the public, educating and empowering them on how to implement healthier lifestyle changes, or courses for health professionals to help them grow successful businesses and help as many people as possible, or even develop courses for other businesses or brands using your specialised knowledge, this could be a great chance for you to maximise your reach and make a difference!

  1. Social media management

There’s no denying it, social media is the beast that isn’t going away any time soon! So many people seem to get their nutrition knowledge from social media, so working in this space is a possible goldmine! After all, you’re talking to your target audience in a space in which they spend probably the most time.

Social media management is an umbrella term these days, and could refer to anything from managing the social accounts for health brands or companies, to creating your own social profiles to educate and inform your audience on your chosen areas of expertise. It can be a fantastic way to start a conversation, and get feedback and input in real time from your audience.

  1. Private practice

All you entrepreneurs out there, this is a natural fit. Want to open your own private practice? See clients you choose, work the hours you decide, and get out as much as you put in? If you’re ready to commit and really work hard, going into private practice can be extremely rewarding. Working one on one with clients who really value and appreciate your help, and watching your work transform and help them live healthier and happier lives sounds pretty good to us! Want to know more about the pros and cons of private practice? We’ve nutted them out for you in this blog.

Or, if you need a helping hand or a nudge in the right direction, check out our Unique Experience Program, designed to provide you with the opportunities and tools to turn your business vision into a profitable, successful reality over 6 to 12 months of support. Check it out here if you’re ready to smash your business goals: 

There are endless other possibilities out there in the industry, with more arising each and every day. The truth is, your qualifications are what you make of them! The key to enjoying your job and achieving success is not whether you secure a coveted hospital role, but whether you are passionate about the work you’re doing, the niche you’re focusing on, and the audience you’re engaging. If you nut these down, chances are you’ll find a spot that works for you within the industry!

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