We all know that referrals and clients are key to a successful business. In the current climate, where face to face consults aren’t as straight-forward as they once were, it’s even more important to implement strategies to help you gain referrals and new clients!

The fabulous The Ambitious Dietitian Community Facebook group shared the primary places where they’re getting referrals from just the other week and the results might surprise you!

Now we know where most dietitians are getting their referrals from, let’s dive into some strategies to maximise the potential of these channels to bring in new clients for you and your business!

  1. Network!

Making connections and forming relationships with others in the industry – whether that be dietitians, specialists, GPs or other health professionals – is invaluable! Networking often leads to more referrals, as strong relationships mean people are more likely to think of you and recommend you to their own clients. So invest the time and energy, and leave a lasting, positive impression on the people around you!

  1. Focus on your unique strengths

In an increasingly populated industry, it’s more important than ever to focus on your specialties and strengths in your marketing messages! Whether it’s promoting your area of expertise, success stories you’ve had, or unique strategies you can offer clients, push these areas of difference as a reason why people should choose YOU over your competitors! Use things like videos, content, graphics and paid marketing to communicate this to as many people as possible!

  1. Get comfortable with social media

Let’s face it, social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon! So many people get referrals from having a strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – even TikTok. Keep up to date with the latest trends, and use these platforms as a key marketing strategy and way to reach and engage with your target audience!

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of SEO

Incorporating keywords which people will enter in a Google Search is essential for optimising your SEO when writing blogs and other content! Focus on adding these words to your titles and meta descriptions. Then, people who search for your areas of expertise won’t be able to ignore your website and content!

  1. Create digestible, informative content

Give people a reason to follow you on socials, sign up to your newsletter, read your blog posts! Make sure your content is informative and helpful – give actionable information, health tips etc, and make it FUN! Quirky, digestible writing sets you apart from the rest. And leaving people with a call to action at the end of your content encouraging them to explore your services or book a consultation with you is a fantastic way to get new clients! This type of content is also really shareable by other health professionals! So it may just lead to a whole bunch of referrals coming your way!

  1. Give existing clients the best experience possible

This seems obvious, but as we saw above, so many people get referrals through word of mouth! Getting your name and offering out there in a positive way through your existing clients and other people in the industry is vital! If people have a great experience, get the answers they’re after, and feel really looked after and cared for, they will talk! So go above and beyond, make your clients feel special, and the referrals will flow on in.

Remember, referrals are pivotal for the success and longevity of your business. It’s worth taking the time to implement strategies that improve your chances! 

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