A week in the life of a dietitian, business owner, mum of 4. 

I’m not sure whether I should have a cape on my back or a curly wig on and a baubly red nose with all the balls I am throwing up in the air at the moment……so I thought it might be interesting for you to get an insider look into what a typical week looks like in my life.

Monday: school drop off, a few hours TAD admin work then off to clinic for the afternoon/evening. I’m usually home after the babies are in bed and just in time to put the bigger girls into bed but not before they remember they are hungry, thirsty, need to go to the toilet, have to get something out of their bag and say goodnight to the dog for the 10th time.

Tuesday: I’m in clinic all day. My role is quite varied and involves lots of patient care, some resource development, typical email correspondence with patients and colleagues, professional development, participating in research studies that are being undertaken at the moment, finalise all my notes and records and luckily I don’t have to write too many doctors letters. Kids are all in childcare/school so that means early departs and home late. Mornings are rushed, evenings are manic. Everyone wants something at the same time and they really needed it half an hour ago ie dinner, bath, books and bed. Once I’ve caught my breath, I’m on the laptop churning out any TAD work that is due. This might include business plan reviews, going through target market workbooks, liasing with Carlea about clients branding, going through emails, making sure all our clients are booked in for their mentoring calls, booking in Firestarter Sessions with potential clients, creating resources, organising photo shoots, recording courses, writing blogs, scheduling social media and working with Ella to create an individualised strategy for each of our clients.

Wednesday: yesterday on repeat except kids are at home with grandparents so if I’m lucky, when I get home the house is relatively clean, the kids are bathed and the washing is folded which means night time routine goes a lot smoother and when the kids are all finally in bed,  I get on a mentoring call or do some TAD work.

Thursday: is catch up day. The washing, the cleaning, putting in the grocery order, checking in with the kids for some mummy time and if I’m lucky, the babies will have a really long sleep which means I can get a coaching call in and take my nearly to be preppie out for a bubbacino and one on one time with mum. Usually around 2pm I feel like I could take a nap only to realise that I’m on school pick up duty in only a matter of minutes and if I’m not there to pick my big girl up, well there is tears. Our afternoons are usually filled with doing something fun, a playdate, a park date, a shopping date or whatever it may be and overall, things are generally a bit calmer of an evening. Come lights out, I’m back in beast mode, I mean TAD mode.

Friday: is a mixture of clinic and TAD. Again we have grandparents helping out with the kids so I try to get as much work done as I can weather it is seeing patients or catching up on client coaching and education and at some point, I need to pick up the groceries so we have food in the cupboards and I can meal prep over the weekend for the week ahead. Friday night meals are usually leftovers or what ever you can find. We rarely get takeaway.

Saturday: we sleep in, laze around having brunch, go for a walk, wander around the shops, pour ourselves a wine and have an uninterrupted adult conversation over dinner. Whoops, wrong decade…. We are up once the sun is up and at gymnastics by 8am these days. Home to get through the chores mid morning, I may have some coaching calls throughout the day to do and in between we have family time, I usually cook a yummy dinner and we watch a family movie.

Sunday: Is usually all about family and getting out and about and enjoying this beautiful place we live (and sometimes I throw in the occasional mentoring or coaching call and if I’m lucky and it’s not too much of a busy day, I’ll pull out the laptop for an hour mid afternoon or I’ll have a nap if I have used Saturday night to get a few hours worth of solid work done and my head didn’t hit the pillow until late). Sunday night is all about making sure everyone is on the same page for the week, school lunches are packed and we are ready to put our best foot forward for the week.

All this is possible with the support of the “team” we have around us and we couldn’t do what we do without them, even if it means I get 25 calls from my mum in a week (literally, I just counted them).

So as you can tell, I get what busy means. I get what it is like to juggle being a boss, seeing patients and life. I know what it is like to have that never ending to do list and what it feels like to want more from your business for potentially less input. Are you sick of doing doctors letters late at night or on the weekends? Are you frustrated because the people you are seeing aren’t your ideal audience? Are you worried about who is or isn’t going to show up each day and what impact that has on your finances? Does it feel like if your not seeing patients your working on your business but you don’t feel like you are getting to where you want to be?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are exactly the kind of person we work with. Our motto is “helping dietitians create the life they love” because we want you to make money, we want to you love the work you are doing, but we don’t want work to be overruling the life your meant to be living (that may be the pot calling the kettle black but there is a vision there, trust me).

If you are looking for more balance, want to uplevel your business and create a fairer work-life balance then I would encourage you to book into a FREE Firestarter session with us. During these sessions we find out a little about you and where you are at with your business and what your vision is for the future. You are free to pick our brains about anything. Some of the most common questions we get often relate too, social media, website, business, blogs, email marketing, list growth strategies and passive income streams so if there is something you have been pondering or you’d like to know more about running a business and marketing your practice, I’d love to chat to you.

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