Learning how to brainstorm effectively is a skill that will serve you well in business and the multiple facets of business. Brainstorming can take a little while before it becomes a bit more natural to you and the ideas start flowing. If you are struggling for new ideas, these strategies might be able to help you with the inspiration you are looking for:

  1. Inspiration Folder: this could be literal or electronic. A physical binder that you can store any ripped out pages in or jump on pinterest and create a board to file your inspiration in there.
  2. Read the news: There is a saying in my house that if it’s not on ABC2 then I don’t know about it. Finding out the latest in the world and national news, for example current events, politics, etc can all help you come up with new topics to write about.
  3. Conduct and Interview: Have you thought about talking to an expert?
  4. Mind Mapping: If you are a bit more of a visual thinker, mind mapping can be very useful. It is essentially a diagram that connects information to a central object/topic.
  5. Exercise: Who has done their best thinking when they were going the blood flowing? There is just something about walking and/or running that gets the new ideas flowing. Just make sure you don’t forget them all before you go home (or if your anything like me, add them all to the notes section in your phone).
  6. Facebook: How does the saying go…. If it’s not on facebook, it’s not official? Scrolling your facebook feed can give you an idea of what your family and friends are discussing/interested in, as well as what’s going viral right now.
  7. Relaxation: don’t stress too much if your not getting the inspiration you thought you would. Stewing over it will only stress you out and that’s not going to be conducive to creativity.

If you are still short on ideas for what to write about, here’s a list of 20 blog posts you could write about:

  1. About you, your story and your business ie The story of how you got started or why you are interested in the area that you work in
  2. Collection of products that resonate with your audience ie review of VLCD products if you are a bariatric dietitian, collection of fodmap friendly lunches
  3. How to’s or tutorials ie shop on a budget, meal prep, make a term’s worth of snacks
  4. Things that inspire you ie books, blogs, podcasts, influencers
  5. Freebies ie PDF printable quotes, ebook,
  6. FAQ’s ie answer common questions that you frequently get asked by your audience
  7. Share what you have learnt along the way
  8. Interviews ie yourself, other health professionals or experts in your field
  9. Give your opinion on a topic ie something that might be controversial, emerging or comparing old and new.
  10. Round ups ie this might be product based, blog post based, instagram based,
  11. Ask a question to start a discussion/debate ie ask about new product ideas, what they wish you’d create,

The more you brainstorm, the easier it will become and the better your blog will be for it. So go ahead and brain storm 12 blog topics which you could write about over the next few months and if you are struggling for ideas, maybe go for a run or start that inspiration folder for next time.

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